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Our company name, Ab Initio, Latin for 'from the beginning',
is an appropriate choice as its founder and Company Director, Rhonda Ridge, has been involved in software development and computer technology since the very early days of the PC.

Ab Initio Software had its small beginning back in 1991. Rhonda was working for a family run Double Glazing Installer. Most records were kept manually and there was no software package suitable within the industry that could manage the process from Lead through Sale to Service Call. So Rhonda developed AdminBase, and within a couple of years it had developed to such an extent that she was able to offer it to others as a software system for other window companies.

Since then, Ab Initio have made it a policy to listen to their customers requests for additions to the software to the end that AdminBase has become a sophisticated management tool which is generally now recognised as the industry standard and has thousands of users throughout the UK and Ireland, from one-man bands to major manufacturers.


As founder of Ab Initio, Rhonda Ridge, has been involved in software development and computer technology since the very early days of the PC.
Prior to developing AdminBase Rhonda came from an accountancy backgroud having worked in large banking and insurance companies as well as small family run firms. She then worked as a financial controller for a double glazing company which is where her experience to begin developing AdminBase stems.


Roy has worked in the Double Glazing Industry for decades before joining Ab Initio. His insight into the running of a home improvement company has proven invaluable in understanding the unique challenges of these companies. The point of contact for companies wishing to implement AdminBase, Roy demonstrates the software to potential users. He then provides basic training for new users of Adminbase along with advice to help implement Adminbase for maximum benefit and efficiency from the outset. He is also responsible for the provision of advanced training for established customers.


Richard has been a developer at Ab Initio since joining the company in 2000. He assists Rhonda with developing and maintaining Adminbase. This involves using Delphi as well as other technologies, often required in the production of Adminbase 'add-on' modules. These include XML, Javascript, VBScript, HTML, TAPI, Interbase, Firebird and MS Access. Maintenance of our support website also falls under Richards remit along with API's to our website which are used for issuing software licenses, 'Web Leads' integration, SMS functionality etc. Much of Richard's work is based on incorporating our customers specific requests into Adminbase.


Darren joined Ab Initio in 2002 having many years of experience in supporting customers on the use of various software packages, and is the manager of our support team. His position involves remote installation of AdminBase, the issuing of software licenses, post-installation customer support including problem resolution, and custom report creation and modification. He also keeps abreast of new technology as it emerges to enable customers to make the best use of AdminBase.


Caleb works as an Administrator for Ab Initio. His tasks include telephone answering, Sage accounts, invoicing, support contract administration and other general office duties.


Mark looks after all of Ab Initio's marketing materials including our web site. This includes generating marketing emails, customer newsletters and designing brochures and leaflets.



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