For the bigger company requiring large numbers of users. Adminbase Plus incorporates the extensive features of Adminbase Pro but includes several additional modules including access rights control, FENSA export, Multi Company and Dashboard modules.


Fitting Stocks
Stock used on each contract is costed on FIFO basis and included in job costing reports from within AdminBase.

Stock Reporting
Accurate Inventory and Reorder reports available.

Multiple Companies

Some companies run different sections of their business as seperate companies or have over time aquired other trading entities that retain their own identity.

The ability to run multiple databases in AdminBase means that all reporting and financials can be separated without the expense of purchasing two AdminBase systems.

Employees can easily be given access to areas in each company as required by their job function.

Access Rights

Company Level
Supporting multiple companies Access Rights in AdminBase can restrict which staff are allowed access to which company.

Branch Level
Within a company branches or showrooms can have their own access rights. When set these can restrict staff in showrooms to only see records pertaining to their branch.

Job Function
Access rights can also be set to protect sensitive information. Individual fields can be protected with View Only and Hide settings.


Lead Printing
Appointment Schedules and Confirmation Letters can be batched into branch files for distribution by email.

Contract Printing
Order Acknowledgement, Fitting and Final Letters as well as Invoices can be produced as a batch. Very useful for a company who handles several hundred contracts a week.

Payment Allocation
Used for payments received from a trade or commercial customer that clears invoices on several contracts



Predefined Script
The Fensa export is produced by the Export Data Designer. This selects the records that are due to be reported on and marks them as exported once complete to prevent duplication.

Definitions for any export can be saved into a script for running regularly. Updates to AdminBase can be saved within a script to be executed following an export

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