Frequently asked questions

Is AdminBase too complex for small companies?

Many of our customers started using Adminbase as small companies and have enjoyed impressive growth because of the management control Adminbase has given them. It is far easier to introduce a system when a company is smaller and because AdminBase is scaleable according to your needs it is affordable even when a company is small. We have customers with just a standalone copy right up to companies with 50 users using AdminBase successfully.

We seem to spend a lot of time retyping customer information into various packages. How can AdminBase help?

AdminBase provides a centralised location for all customer data including scanned copies of relevent paperwork. Enter a lead using the postcode lookup and never type an address again because every piece of paperwork and correspondence can be produced from Adminbase with customer information automatically completed.

Can AdminBase help make sure we have all the items needed in time for installation?

AdminBase allows you to control the whole installation process from arranging for surveys through to the fitting and beyond. Purchase orders and manufactured items can all be tracked and reported on. This means that you are in control of when supplies are delivered and can provide your suppliers with exact information on what you expect to receive in advance at the touch of a button.

We have trade and commercial as well as domestic customers. Can AdminBase handle these in one system?

Yes. AdminBase contracts are arranged around a set of contract types that you can configure. This means you can have different processes for each contract type but because everything is in one system you can have overall company information from one source. If the different parts of your business are seperate legal entities you can use AdminBase in multi-company mode.

We would like a more up to date way of keeping track of contracts than our T cards. Will AdminBase replace these?

They certainly can. AdminBase has a fully comprehensive diary system. Every single type of appointment, be it sales, fitting, base work or service call can be made in the AdminBase diary.

Because it works in real time other users immediately see the changes made so no more time consuming reshuffling of cards.





A recent addition is the Sync with Google Diary, which extends the usefullness of the diary even further.

What one feature of AdminBase do you think will benefit us the most?

When asked our customers all agree that one of the major benefits is the improvement in communication within the company and with customers. Your customers will be kept informed of the progress of their order and your staff will be able to provide accurate information instantly when they telephone.

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