Designed to provide entry level management for the smaller business. AdminBase Startup will help keep track of your sales activity and contracts, including the recording of fitting dates and order values, while providing basic correspondence and management reporting, to help you respond to its needs as your business grows. When your company outgrows Adminbase Startup you can upgrade, retaining all of your existing records.


Quick Setup
Drop down lists customisable to quickly give you a database tailored to your business.

Unlimited dated comments and directions recorded for each and every lead.

Know what stage each lead is at and set reminders for follow up.

Record the lead source, products and sales person to produce reports that help you control your sales team.


Entering contracts
Contracts are transferred from leads saving duplication or can be entered directly

Define a list of your products and record these details on each contract

Fitting information
Record fitters, site address and date contract completed

Financial Records
Keep records on deposits, variations of contracts, and payments to enable reporting on orders on hand and balances outstanding

Audit Trail
Letters are recorded as they are produced


Customer Correspondence
Standard letters for each contract type and payment method automatically produced

Pro Formas, statements and receipts customised to suit your stationery

Fitting Forms
Customer questionnaires, quality plans and fitters information sheets

Fully customisable
All letters customisable with all data fields available for inclusion


Management Reporting
Standard reports provide information on the 0rderbook and project cash flow for coming weeks. Collection of outstanding balances can be monitored with comments recorded and reported on

Sales Reporting
Understand which advertising methods and sales areas perform well

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