What Our Customers Say

“In this period when leads are becoming scarcer and we’re seeing people being extremely careful with the money that they spend, having AdminBase has allowed us to be much more efficient. We have a database that delivers on effective mailshots and we can deploy and target our staff in the right direction.

I would say AdminBase is not an extra salesman; it’s three or four because it generates more business and leads and keeps us all on the right track, a most worthwhile investment, indeed.”

Charlie Berry. Andrew Wright Windows

"The program has exceeded my expectations and improved our administration efficiency to make us a more professional company. It's a pleasure to deal with people who listen and help when and where they can."

Mark Richards. CRK Windows

"AdminBase has developed into an essential part of our business which has integrated leads, sales, ordering, contract management and after sales and reduced about half a dozen software packages that we had to use prior to AdminBase into one. I would go as far as saying that if AdminBase were taken away from Brackenwood I would lose all enthusiasm in running the Company"

Dave Medcraft. Brackenwood Windows

‘AdminBase has made a tremendous difference to our company and has not only given us complete control over our administration, but has also helped us to consolidate all of our diverse operations, an innovation that has made the company work even more profitably! ‘And we believe that such a good system should be experienced by others which is why we have recommended it to customers of our trade division Conservatory Outlet.'

Andrew Glover. West Yorkshire Windows

"We can record leads and enquiries accurately and send out mail shots simply and quickly which in the long term saves time and money"

Richard Smith. Permaframe

"We began using the system in 2007 and it has become invaluable .. We are delighted with the way the system has helped us to maintain our position in the marketplace and prove our capacity as a company that delivers quality of both product and service - on time and every time"

Peter Netley. Valecraft

"The biggest benefit is that we are all singing from the same hymn sheet all of my staff know what is going on which helps our contracts run more smoothly. The ability to attach documents to contract records is extremely useful improving our response to customers questions."

Jim Bergson. Bergson & Eaton

"As a company we are totally reliant on AdminBase, the ability to produce correspondence directly from the customer records has streamlined our contract management. AdminBase is our most powerful management tool."

James Mizen. Bristol Trade Frames

"The most important factor in this software is that it has been designed by people who know the industry. My staff are amazed at the simplicity of use and qualiity of information that AdminBase gives us in comparison to what they have been used to."

Kevin Sourbutts. Classic Pvc

"We could not function without AdminBase. The ability to create targeted mailshots from AdminBase has achieved phenomenal results, AdminBase has paid for itself many times over."

Eamonn Shiel. Capital Window Manufacturing
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